Lisa Chin Wupo Tarot

Hey friend, thank you for checking out! I’m Lisa tarot reader here at Wupo Tarot. What does Wupo mean? Wupo (巫婆) in Mandarin Chinese means ‘witch’. My intention with this space is to make tarot empowering, accessible and approachable for those who are looking to spirituality to feel connected with the world around them. Another intention I have is to demonstrate how tarot can be used to develop an intuitive lifestyle. What is an intuitive lifestyle? It is when we are able to make decisions, big and small, with confidence that it is aligned with our most sincere values and highest selves. I believe that intuition can be built with the body, mind, and spirit to help guide us and keep us in tuned on our journey through life.

After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry where I developed an understanding how the world work in a quantitative and scientific way. I went on to work in pharmaceutical research. I lived in Hawai’i for graduate school and found my passion in design and film. Upon moving to Portland, Oregon I started my new life as a designer and filmmaker with my then new fiance. Then my Tower card showed up. Shaking my world, I  went on an interesting and intense roller coaster ride. A good friend of mine suggested I see a tarot reader that she frequented. After my first visit, I felt refreshed with a wave a clarity. Tarot helped me put my life in perspective and cultivate compassion for myself. Reading for others, I feel so blessed to provide the same clarity and guidance that I received. My mission is to help people by providing a spiritual and therapeutic exploration of your journey through tarot.

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