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Transcription of video:

Hi friends, I hope you had an amazing week. I took a little advice from last weeks tarot reading and went out into nature. We went camping at Cape [Lookout], on the coast and we were right on the beach and it was so wonderful and exactly what I needed. I had a weekend without social media and it was just really refreshing and I’m really happy that I’m back doing tarot for you and let’ s see what are somethings that we can focus on this week. Let’s get started.

For where we are now we have the 8 of Pentacles. and with the 8 of Pentacles we see a man and he is working away hard at his craft and he is perfecting his craft too as you can see down here below he has a coin tossed aside like he’s not pleased with it so he’s really putting his work in and you can see all the coins  that he has up  and he’s contributing to society and he is working away at his craft. Where we are now  where is it in our life where we feel like we’re working away at our craft doing the work and feeling this drive, this passion, and this grit to keep going  regardless of any kind of motivation from external sources  or any kind of validation  it’s this inward need to just keep going and working.

In what challenges us we have the 2 of Wands  and in this picture we have this man holding a staff, a wand, and in the other hand he is holding a globe  and he’s looking out into the world and looking at this globe and this signifies so many possibilities [There is] so much he doesn’t know yet it’s like a start of a journey. As you can see he has one hand on a wand and it’s like he’s made a choice . So the 2 of Wands is about creativity, fire passion and this drive and the two indicates a choice that needs to be made so perhaps There [are] many things that you could be passionate about  and wanting to pursue and like in the 8 of Pentacles this person has chosen, is deep in his work and the 2 of Pentacles is saying ‘make a choice to go forward’, so what is it that you are trying to figure out and what are you most passionate about and and how do you figure that out? How do we know?

So the recommended action we have the 3 of Pentacles. And in the 3 of Pentacles depicts a man  working in a church, he’s chiscling something and we have these two other people perhaps they are the people who contracted him to do this work. You can see it a picture of a floor plan or some kind of resemblance of what he’s done – created this beautiful artwork here and it’s about working together. And making sure that the job is getting done. and making something beautiful together. So what is it that can do in your life to make these decisions to move forward is what do you like creating with other people what do you like doing with other people? what would you not mind being contracted out for and working hard and working on your craft for other people and making sure its to their par.

You know it’s funny, with creativity, and creative endeavors sometimes when we pursue them we find out perhaps we like to do them more for ourselves than for other people. So when we are able to happlily do it for other people then perhaps that’s an indication that maybe we can move forward on this endeavor, on these choices if it’s a question of career. and even a question of relationships. If you enjoy working with people. And this is in reverse so it indicates some kind of internal relationship or internal building of something and how you’re constructing it in your mind or inwardly and how you want to manifest it outwardly hasn’t come about yet  so this is definitely in development so definitely think about what in your life do you want to build with other people or are you thinking about in your community or in your networks how can you reach out and try to perhaps like in the 8 of Pentacles this character – how to manifest what you want to really be doing with your community.

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