I’m trying natural ways of taking care of my skin as I get older. I want to be able to eat what I put on my face. So eventually I don’t need to just aim at my pie hole. You smell what I’m stepping in?

I read this article, DIY Coffee Mask for Puffy Eyes by Hello Glow, about making a natural face mask with egg whites and coffee that helps with depuffing and firming skin,  so I decided to document trying it out for the first time. I thought I’d share it and see if I felt any difference or feel like it works for me. So check out the video to see how I do it. And keep reading for details.

Being an efficiency geek and someone who doesn’t like to measure, I wanted to see if I could treat my skin while making breakfast. After cracking my eggs, I took the residual egg whites left in the shells and added brewed coffee grounds*, just a couple of pinches.  After stirring with my fingertips, I spread the mixture over my face. In gentle, circular motions I used the coffee grounds to exfoliate my face. Once it was evenly spread, I let it sit and dry up while getting breakfast going.

As I was scrambling my eggs, I noticed a tingly sensation and as the mask dried, I felt my skin tighten up.

After about 10 minutes, I plated my eggs and rinsed my face off with warm water, then ended with a splash of cold water. Google told me that cold water actually makes pores smaller. Cool, thank Google!

The result? I’m writing this the next day and my skin still feels smoother and tighter. I wouldn’t recommend the coffee grinds every day because the exfoliation could irritate my baby-bottom delicate face. I would, however, use the egg whites daily. I liked that tight skin feeling…It puts the lotion on the skin! (Silence of the Lambs reference, anybody?)

A side note, the article suggested using fresh coffee grounds, but I wanted to start with grounds I already brewed. My thoughts were if I didn’t feel anything, I’d try with fresh grounds later. I definitely felt some tingly action with the already brewed coffee grounds, so yay!

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried a natural home-made face mask or beauty regimen! Comment below! Cheers to natural homemade skin care.

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