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It’s Tarot Tuesday! Energy focus: how can we incorporate more play into our lives? Play with movement! Get silly!

Taking a different approach and asking what we may like to focus on for the mind, body, and spirit for our 3-card tarot spread. Body: 9 of Cups reversed, connect with nature and connect with our bodies. The pentacle is a very earthly material suit and the 9 shows much abundance. Reversed we are asked to check in with the amount alone time we’re spending and encourages us to find a movement community. Mind: Page of Cups, explore our feelings and have fun with it! It’s a bit of a silly situation going on with the fish popping out of the cup, perhaps a lighter look at yourself? Spirit: 3 of Cups reversed, celebrate the community that had supported you in your spiritual or personal growth! Reversed could mean to start internally with gratitude! From the Wild Quan Yin Oracle we have the Blessings of the kite dancer. She tells us to keep practicing and refining our talents and be playful! Thank you and have a wonderful week! Peace, Lovies! – Lisa