Hi Friends, it’s #TarotTuesday and the energy we’re focus on this week: plan and strategize for maximized pie-tential.

In the position of where we are now we have the Knight of Swords reversed. This card depicts a knight charging at full speed into battle. The energy is high and there is a lot of action that’s been made without much thought put in. Our usually rational and intelligent knight upright is hastily charging forward irrationally and without a plan or strategy reversed. This unfocused expending of energy usually leads to us feeling strained, used, or unappreciated. Perhaps we are putting a lot of energy into a relationship, project, or job that isn’t giving back what you were hoping for due to lack of planning and communication. The hidden blessing here is that by taking action we now know that we are capable of completing the task, doing the job, or being emotionally available. Now is the time to learn from our past and understand what we’d do differently in the future.

The energy of Ten of Cups is what challenges us this week. We have an abundance of love and emotional wealth with our partners, family, friends, and work relationships. It’s a happy and cheerful time. How on earth can this be a challenge to us? Could this be the Holy Grail that we are working so hard for? Or perhaps we are in the midst of this abundant energy and find a need to preserve or protect these relationships and high-spirited feelings indicated by the two swords surrounding this card. Perhaps we are putting a lot of energy (Knight of Swords reversed) into making sure everything is joyous and perfect as depicted the Ten of Cups.

As the recommended action, we have the Page of Swords reversed. Although the page’s sword is guarding one side of the Ten of Cups, their attention is elsewhere. The page curiously looking away is perhaps a reminder that we have other things going on for us outside our relationships. A messenger of the facts and what makes sense, the Page of Swords reversed brings a sophomoric and boastfully misinformed air about them. Perhaps this page shows up in our reading to recommend that we practice self-preservation by reminding us that we are still at the beginning and growing stages and that there is still a lot for us to learn. Quiet down the inner and outer chatter, and be comfortable not knowing everything and not having to prove ourselves.

The Magician reversed is here to teach us in our shadow position. Upright he is a man of the physical world who has a divine connection to the spirit world. He is able to use all the elements in the suits with intuitive precision to create his reality. The Magician has mastered his craft and is able to wield his potential to created focused power. In reversed, conversion to this power is blocked perhaps because his skills and powers are not being used with the best intentions. The terms I think of is “slight of hands”, someone tricky or manipulative. Is there something we are not being honest about to ourselves or others? Clarity on where our intentions rest could free our energy and maximize what we are capable of: our potential.

From the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle the Desert Harvest has come to us We may be on a path that does not show fruitfulness at the moment and we are starting to doubt where we are going. How can we take all our rich potential – our lessons learned, experiences, and skills – and thrive in an unpromising environment? In order to survive in the desert we must be adaptable. We must see the opportunities while others see baron land. Turn off the negative self-talk, comparison to everyone on social media, and the skepticism. I remember hearing an interview on trends and the speaker said, “If it doesn’t make sense, you’re heading in the right direction.” Let us not just survive, let’s THRIVE and eat pie. Peace, lovies! -Lisa