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This week stay focused rather than multi-tasking to get us out of what has been weighing on us. Is it possible that what we fear may not actually hurt us? Rather could it be in our minds? Tackling the issue head on will be beneficial.

Exciting news! Yours truly will be reading tarot at the Embrace Festival in Portland, OR. Come get a face-to-face reading from me this Friday and Saturday at the Portland Art Museum!

👑 The Queen of Cups represents the energy of where we are now. She is nurturing and deeply emotional and intuitive. She looks into a closed cup full of mystery. She is deeply preoccupied with her thoughts while the waves of the world crashes around her. What are we deep in thought about? How are we expressing our emotions? ⚔️ The energy of 9 of Swords represents what challenges us. Awoken from a nightmare this person is weighted with fear. Notice that the swords do not touch her. Perhaps what we fear could be in our heads. What is the fear that keeps you up at night? 💫For the recommended action, we have the 2 of Pentacles that appears reversed. Life may ask us to multi-task, pulling us in many directions. We are encouraged to tackling the issue that has occupied our head space full on by getting focused, and eliminate distractions to move us forward. 🎋 The Wild Quan Yin Oracle brings us ‘daughters of the red tent’. When we are making major changes in our lives, there is a time when it is best that we to protect ourselves during these new stages. Like a caterpillar that cocoons itself while developing into a butterfly, the red tent is a metaphor for us to practice self-preservation. This is not out of fear, but out of fierce love for ourselves. Have a wonderful week! Peace, Lovies! -Lisa ❤️