I just got the Wild Kuan Yin Oracles cards and I am in love with the artwork! The card I pulled is the ‘Sisters of the Spring Swallow, Good Fortune Granted’, and the theme of spring helped shape the following tarot reading. Check out the video reading below!

This week I’m focusing on the energy of spring arriving. We just turned our clocks forward for daylight saving time and here in Portland, OR the weather is getting warmer. Spring is the awakening of a dormant winter that blooms into a full vibrant summer to give nourishment to a fruitful autumn. As creatures of nature we have our own cycles and rhythms. With the 3 of cups reversed in the position of where we are now, we have a lot we’d like to celebrate about- personal development projects, jobs, relationships. This is a time that seems promising and abundant, yet we may not feel completely satisfied or we are not feeling that full joy we were hoping for. In this day in age we want things immediately: gratification, results, rewards, commitments.

In the action position, the seven of wands depicts a man in battle. When that project or job isn’t bearing any fruit yet, or the relationship isn’t getting as intimate as we’d like it can be frustrating when progress isn’t shown. We may feel like the world is against us and feel that the best action is to resist or control. What are some things we could loosen the grip on that would help the process flow naturally? Like the seasons, its important to keep in mind that everything has its process and somethings can’t and shouldn’t be rushed. We want the autumn harvest when the sprouts have just pushed through the soil.

The page of wands, in the position of the unseen revealed, is a reminder to keep a fresh optimistic outlook. We are in spring’s energy and there is a wealth of potential ahead. By keeping our opportunities open, letting go of that which no longer serves you, and remembering to enjoy the process we can truly celebrate our springtime in life. Sending you love -Lisa