After a full and hella inspiring weekend of photographing the NW Tarot Symposium and filming the Soul Centered Business Planning Mastermind with Biddy Tarot, this message was a nice reminder to stay focus as I wrap up these edits! Love that I’m able to help spread the awesomeness of tarot through photo and video!

While I meditate on the cards in front of me I notice how many stick-like objects are pointing at me saying, “YOU! Move it sista!” At the final stages of a creative journey or perhaps making a difficult decision, the hardest part is over and there’s a little more work to be done before getting to that finishing line and coming to conclusions. This is a little reminder that all your hard work is on its way to manifesting— keep going! What is blocking you from completing that project or task? What wounds are causing hesitations?

To move forward we must gather that creative fire inside and take on the responsibilities that move us toward completion. Sometimes the feeling of having too many obligations start to weigh heavy and that makes me anxious! What are some ways you can lighten the burden while being productive with what needs to be done?

Keep things in perspective and mediate that which weighs on you. Stay rational and focused with to-do lists or daily goals. Perhaps a guiding hand is being extended, so be open to advice that may help you with the final steps. And remember to be kind to yourself in the process!

Peace, lovies