8 of Cups reversed || Knight of Cups || 10 of Wands

What have we built that we are ready to walk away from? When we work on building a career, a relationship, a project, or even a brand, sometimes we can feel attached to it just because we invested so much time and energy. When we feel unfulfilled or things are not working, the energy of the 8 of Cups brings us a message to walk away. When the card appears in reverse, this could be an internal energy. Perhaps a feeling or a thought about how something “should” be. In reverse, it could also mean a developing or weakened energy- maybe something simmering on the back burner now bubbling over into our conscious mind. Why are we feeling unfulfilled? Why are we wanting more?
What if we took action on our feelings? What would that look like? Would everything be a disaster for a while? What if it freed us up to pursue what we found meaning in? The Knight of Cups challenges us to reflect on taking action. This is when we can see opportunities to actually take action on.
How do we do that? The 10 of Wands depicts a man burying his head in his burden. The recommended action asks us: how can we lighten our load? How can we be more efficient in carrying our responsibilities? Perhaps delegating tasks, saying ‘no’ to unnecessary requests, or implementing a strategy.
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