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Hey friends! Thanks for joining me for an energy-focused tarot reading at Wupo Tarot. Every week I explore where we are now (the current situation),  possible challenges or things to think about, and a recommended action step to help us move forward.

For our three card reading this week

Current Situation: The Nine of Swords

The nine of swords is about nightmares we have a person sitting up in bed awoke from a nightmare covering their face and they’re scared. It is important to note that the nine swords hovering above do not actually touch this person. They may be threatening but they’re not actually causing physical harm.

Nine is a number of strength. How can we gather our strengths when we are scared?Swords is the suit about thinking, truths, and being analytical. What are we over thinking to the point that it keeps us up at night? These are things to think about in our current situation. What are we over analyzing? Keep that in mind this week as you are thinking of things and becoming fearful of them, think about what’s actually happened versus what’s going on in your mind.

Challenges: the Five of Pentacle

Five of Pentacles you see two people who look like they need some help. They are looking for safe refuge. Five is a number of distress.  These two people are outside in the snow and there is a window – this could be a window to a church – to a safe haven. Even though in
times of distress we have to look around in our environment and see what is available to us how can we find refuge how can we take bring ourselves to safety. That can be challenging in a way, to actually look past our fears and what haunt us (like in the 9 of Swords) and find safety. Know that perhaps a harbor is right around the corner.and our recommended action we

Recommended Action: Ten of Swords in Reverse

The Ten of Swords you see this person laying dead with ten swords in their back. There was a  grave dispute. In reverse, it looks like the ten swords are falling out. Perhaps we are in some kind of strife or conflict with someone or within ourselves and this is saying that there is a solution there is a way out. In the horizon there this the golden dawn, the sun will come up again and it’s asking us to find a way to release these swords from our back. How can we how can we work on our relationships or forgive other people or yourself in order to heal?

Ten is a number of completion – it is full circle. The cycle has completed and it’s time to start anew. With every cycle might not be the best situation. Whatever conflict is going on needs to be completed, it needs to finalize in order to move forward. There needs to be a resolution.


I’m looking at the three cards and we have two swords and one pentacle.  The swords bring a lot of thinking, a lot of overanalyzing. The swords are in air sign and we could very much be with our head in the clouds. The Pentacles as an earth element. It reminds us to stay grounded.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences. If you’ve been going through a situation similar to this reading and would like to share. Or if you uses some aspects of this reading to help overcome certain conflicts. I would love to hear about it. Thank you so much! Peace, lovies!

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