Self-awareness is important to realize what really makes us happy in life and in line with our truest selves. What are your values? Are some of them opposing? For clarity on topics and concerns that may occupy your consciousness, I offer my counsel with the tarot cards as a reflection of the mind. Though I am not a fortune-teller, I provide guidance for you to better understand your truest desires and values to reveal possible paths and choices that align with your highest self to confidently shape your future.

Some supportive incantations from people who’ve received clarity and value from my readings:

Lisa, you have a deep knowledge of each card and position, and the connection between them and me. I felt so open and responsive to your warm and authentic energy. You were able to see the big picture as well as the day-to-day details that influence me and my environment. I loved that it felt like a conversation and that I didn’t play a passive role. Really such a well-rounded reading! Thank you, Lisa!

-Mike G., NYC, NY, in-person

Thank you Lisa for an amazing reading. Honestly didn’t know what to expect and couldn’t have come out happier with a deeper understanding of myself.

-Matt C., Las Vegas, NV, FaceTime

If words were to summerize how a hammer strikes the nail on the head, one could see how another can channel a card to reflect the place one might be experiencing. Thank you for guiding me in your practice.

-Lucas D., Portland, OR, in-person

And kind words from tarot influencer, Biddy Tarot:

Lisa filmed our one-day workshop so that we could create a short clip to show potential clients what the experience might be like for them. On the day, Lisa fit right in. She built rapport with the attendees so everyone felt comfortable with a camera in the room. Her filming was not obtrusive and barely noticeable. But the best thing? Seeing the final 1-minute video, complete with the visuals and key messages from the day. My team and I were thrilled with the result and can’t wait to share this inspiring video with our community.

Brigit Esselmont
Founder & CEO, Biddy Tarot

The Reading Menu:

20-30 minute reading via Skype/Facetime/phone/e-mail $35.00

45-50 minute reading via Skype/Facetime/phone/e-mail $60.00

All readings come with an energy focused image (like the picture above) for you to keep and post on social media.

How To Get A Reading From Me:

To get a tarot reading, message me!

Tarot Readings are a Gift of Insight and Clarity

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